Hidden Charm: a Pillar and Post Wedding

The Pillar and Post wedding venue is a stunning location that offers you the perfect setting for your special day. With its charming ambiance and beautiful surroundings, this venue is sure to leave a lasting impression on both you and your guests. From the moment you step foot onto the property, you are greeted with elegance and sophistication. A Pillar and Post Wedding provides an array of indoor and outdoor spaces that can accommodate weddings of all sizes. Making it an ideal choice for intimate gatherings or grand celebrations.

One of the standout features of this venue is its picturesque gardens. They provide a breathtaking backdrop for outdoor ceremonies or cocktail receptions. The lush greenery and vibrant flowers create a romantic atmosphere that is hard to rival! For those who prefer an indoor celebration, the Pillar and Post offer several elegant ballrooms that can be transformed into any desired theme or style. These spacious rooms are adorned with timeless décor elements such as chandeliers, intricate woodwork, and large windows that allow natural light to illuminate the space.

In addition to its stunning aesthetics, the Pillar and Post also boast exceptional service from a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to ensuring your wedding day exceeds all expectations. From personalized event planning assistance to exquisite culinary offerings prepared by award-winning chefs, every detail will be meticulously attended to. Whether you envision an intimate affair or a grand celebration, the Pillar and Post wedding venue has everything you need to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Guest Accommodations for your Pillar and Post Wedding

When it comes to accommodations, Pillar and Post offer an array of comfortable guest rooms that are perfect for wedding guests. Each room is meticulously designed with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The luxurious linens, plush pillows, and high-quality mattresses guarantee a restful night’s sleep for every guest.

The spaciousness of the guest rooms is another highlight of Pillar and Post’s accommodations. Whether guests choose a standard room or upgrade to a suite, they will find ample space to relax and unwind after a day of celebration. Additionally, the rooms are equipped with modern amenities such as flat-screen TVs, complimentary Wi-Fi, and mini-fridges for added convenience.

Moreover, Pillar and Post understand the importance of accessibility for all guests. They offer accessible rooms that cater to individuals with mobility challenges or specific needs. These rooms are thoughtfully designed to ensure comfort and ease of movement throughout the space.

Overall, when it comes to accommodations for your Pillar and Post wedding, guests can expect nothing short of excellence in terms of comfort, style, and convenience. The well-appointed guest rooms provide the perfect retreat for wedding attendees during their stay at this exceptional venue.

Dining Experience: Showcasing the delicious culinary offerings

When it comes to the dining experience at your Pillar and Post wedding, guests can expect nothing short of excellence. The culinary offerings are a true showcase of deliciousness, leaving everyone’s taste buds wanting more. From the moment guests step into the elegant dining room adorned with beautiful decorations and soft lighting, they know they are in for a treat.

The talented team of chefs at Pillar and Post works tirelessly to create a menu that is not only visually stunning but also bursting with flavor. They ensure that each bite is an explosion of taste. By carefully crafting every dish using the finest locally sourced ingredients. From delicate appetizers like smoked salmon crostini to mouthwatering main courses such as braised beef short ribs or perfectly cooked salmon fillet, there is something to please every palate.

To complement the delectable food for your Pillar and Post wedding, an extensive wine list is curated by their resident sommelier. Guests can choose from a variety of reds, whites, and sparkling wines to perfectly pair with their meals. Whether it’s a rich Cabernet Sauvignon or a crisp Chardonnay, these expertly chosen wines enhance the dining experience even further.

Overall, dining at a Pillar and Post Wedding is an unforgettable experience that showcases the very best in culinary excellence. From the exquisite dishes prepared by talented chefs to the impeccable service provided by attentive staff members, every aspect of the dining experience aims to delight and satisfy guests’ senses.

Pillar and Post Wedding Spaces 

Throughout my years as a Niagara Wedding Photographer, I have had the opportunity to shoot at Pillar and Post on countless occasions! From Winter to Summer, this venue never ceases to amaze me with its natural beauty. Here are some spaces you can find to host your perfect wedding, each with its own charm!

Olde Library & Gallery

This Pillar and Post wedding space hosts up to 80 guests. Which is perfect for the small intimate type. This smaller venue offers floor-to-ceiling woodwork and allows your reception to be hosted in the adjoining room.

Upper Canada Hall Ballroom

This Pillar and Post wedding space hosts up to 170 guests. You also have access to the large private deck and gazebo for guests to be able to kick back under the stars!

The Secord Room

The Secord Room at Pillar and Post is an elegant and intimate space for weddings. This charming room is located on the second floor of the historic inn, providing a cozy atmosphere with its exposed wooden beams and warm, inviting ambiance. With its capacity to accommodate up to 24 guests, it is perfect for couples looking to have a smaller, more intimate gathering.

Transform this room into a romantic space in the evening with soft lighting and ambiance. Couples have the option of customizing their décor to suit their wedding theme or style, whether they prefer rustic charm or classic elegance. Additionally, this versatile space can be used not only for wedding ceremonies but also for cocktail hours or small receptions following an outdoor ceremony in one of Pillar and Post’s beautiful gardens..

The Gardens for your Pillar and Post Wedding


As a light and airy photographer, this venue screams everything I LOVE in a venue. The Gardens at Pillar and Post provide an enchanting backdrop for couples. Nestled within the heart of Niagara-on-the-Lake, these gardens boast meticulously manicured lawns, vibrant blooms, and charming walkways that create a romantic ambiance. With its serene atmosphere and stunning natural surroundings, it’s no wonder why many couples choose to exchange vows in this idyllic location.

These gardens offer various options for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Which allows you to personalize your big day according to their preferences. Whether it be an intimate gathering or a grand affair, the Gardens at Pillar and Post can accommodate up to 176 guests. The lush greenery provides ample space for outdoor ceremonies while also offering plenty of opportunities for breathtaking wedding photos. Additionally, the gardens are conveniently located adjacent to the renowned Pillar and Post Hotel. Making it easy for guests to transition seamlessly from ceremony to reception without any hassle. You have the option to have a ceremony in one of three locations: La Roserie, the rose garden, Le Pont de Monet and Le Petit Pavilion

Overall, the Gardens at Pillar and Post provide a truly magical setting for couples embarking on their journey of marriage. With its natural beauty and versatile spaces, this space offers everything needed to create unforgettable memories on your special day.

The Barn for your Pillar and Post Wedding


The Barn at Pillar and Post is a picturesque wedding venue that offers couples a rustic yet elegant setting for their special day. Nestled in the heart of Niagara-on-the-Lake, this charming barn exudes charm and character with its exposed wooden beams, stone walls, and traditional architecture. The venue’s spacious interior can accommodate large guest lists while still maintaining an intimate atmosphere.

Couples have the option to exchange vows outdoors amidst the beautiful gardens or inside the barn itself. Making it a versatile choice for any weather or season. The Barn at Pillar and Post also provides numerous amenities. This ensures a seamless wedding experience, including on-site catering services and personalized event planning assistance. With its stunning surroundings and attention to detail, this enchanting barn sets the stage for unforgettable memories for years to come.

Bella Terra Vineyards


Experience the magic of a whimsical winery wedding at Bella Terra Vineyards. A stunning estate in Niagara-on-the-Lake that has been cherished by the Puglisi family for over half a century. Say your vows surrounded by lush vines and a shimmering pond, followed by a sophisticated reception on the picturesque Pondview Terrace. With its captivating beauty throughout the year, a winery wedding promises an unforgettable day in a truly unforgettable setting.

Vineyard Ceremonies for your Pillar and Post Wedding


Getting married in a vineyard is a popular choice for many couples, and at Bella Terra Vineyards, they have the ideal spot for your ceremony. Picture saying your vows between the pond and the beautiful vineyards. You can let the natural beauty of the estate serve as your backdrop or add your own decorations and style to make it even more stunning.

Pondview Terrace


Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the Pondview Terrace, where breathtaking views of vineyards stretch in every direction. This charming tented space exudes sophistication while creating an intimate atmosphere. Unleash your creativity on this expansive 3,600 square foot canvas and bring your one-of-a-kind vision to life. No need to worry about unpredictable weather, as this wedding terrace boasts versatile open-and-close sidewalls and sturdy flooring. Ensuring your guests stay cool during scorching summer days and cozy during unpredictable weather. Let the fun begin!

Conclusion: Why Pillar and Post is an ideal wedding destination

In conclusion, Pillar and Post is the ideal wedding destination for couples looking to create lifelong memories. With its stunning surroundings, luxurious accommodations, and impeccable service, this venue offers everything needed to make a dream wedding come true.

The picturesque setting of Pillar and Post provides a romantic backdrop for exchanging vows. The lush gardens, majestic vineyards, and charming courtyard offer endless possibilities for breathtaking ceremonies and stunning photographs. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a grand affair, the venue can be tailored to suit any couple’s vision.

Furthermore, the luxurious accommodations at Pillar and Post ensure that every guest feels pampered throughout their stay. From elegantly appointed guest rooms to spacious suites with whirlpool tubs, no detail is overlooked in providing comfort and relaxation. The venue also offers an array of amenities such as a spa, fitness center, and award-winning dining options to enhance guests’ overall experience.

Lastly, the dedicated team at Pillar and Post goes above and beyond to create unforgettable weddings. From professional event planners who assist with every detail of the planning process. To attentive staff who execute flawlessly on the day of the event. Rest assured that your special day is executed seamlessly.

In summary, Pillar and Post stands out as an exceptional wedding destination due to its breathtaking surroundings, luxurious accommodations, and impeccable service. Couples choosing this venue can expect nothing less than a magical experience that exceeds their expectations in every way possible.

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