The Best Time to Photograph Newborns

Newborn baby laying wrapped in cloth.


Photographing newborns is one of the most rewarding experiences as a photographer. Knowing when the best time to photograph newborns is crucial for creating timeless images that, you as parents will cherish forever. Newborn portraits carry a special significance since they capture the tiny details of a child’s arrival that are easily forgotten over time.  When it comes to deciding when the best time to photograph your newborn is, there are many factors to consider.

When is the Best Time to Photograph Newborns?

Most professionals agree that the best time to photograph newborns is within the first two weeks of birth. There is a reason for this! This window of time allows me to capture a newborn’s unique features and characteristics, such as their wrinkly skin, tiny toes, and curled-up position. And if you’ve seen some of my work, you will be able to tell that I just adore capturing these details! This is because, during this period, babies are still adjusting to life outside of the womb and tend to sleep more often. Thus, it’s easier for me to pose them in adorable positions without waking them up.

In addition, photographing newborns early on also helps you look back at the memories that you can reminisce about years later. Newborn photography sessions can be quite an emotional experience for new parents as it allows me to capture those precious moments when your child is in their tiniest and most vulnerable form.

While there’s technically no wrong time to photograph newborns, scheduling a session during the first two weeks ensures that I will have plenty of opportunities to get high-quality shots while capturing some truly priceless moments that will last forever.

Shows the best time to photograph newborns is about 2 weeks. Baby is snuggled in wooden bowl wrapped in cloth.

Can Newborn photos be captured outside of the “best time”?

While there’s no denying that the first two weeks of a newborn’s life is considered the perfect time to capture those adorable and priceless moments, it doesn’t mean I can’t take great photos outside this window. In fact, with a little bit of creativity and patience, I can still achieve beautiful pictures even if the ideal timeframe has passed. The only difference is that you will need to adjust your expectations!

One thing to be aware of is that older babies tend to be more alert and aware of their surroundings. So I wouldn’t expect to capture them in a deep sleep like younger newborns. I would photograph them while they’re awake and interacting with their environment or family members. This is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of our Lifestyle Newborn Sessions. I would come to your house and watch you interact with your newborn as you have learned to do. You can also use props or different backgrounds to add interest and variety to your shots.

Another approach is to focus on capturing special milestones such as when they start sitting up or crawling. These moments are just as important as those early days, so don’t hesitate to document them too. With patience and planning, you can still get stunning photos of your little one even if it’s not during the “perfect time”.


Newborn being held by mom and dad captured in Studio by Kristine Marie Photography.

Tips for a Successful Session During the Best Time to Photograph Newborns

1. One of the most critical tips for a successful newborn photography session is timing. It’s best to schedule the photo shoot within two weeks after the baby’s birth. During this time, babies are usually more compliant and can be easily posed in various positions without disturbing their sleep pattern.

2. Another essential aspect to consider is your shooting environment. Newborns are sensitive to temperature changes, so keeping the room warm and comfortable during the shoot is crucial.

3. Lastly, communication with you is essential for a successful session. Before we begin, I will ask you questions that help guide expectations. Things such as what to wear, how long a shoot could be, and when to contact me.

Newborn baby wrapped with eyes closed. Best time to photograph newborns is about 2 weeks to capture this look.

So Is There a Best Time to Photography Newborns?

As an experienced Niagara Newborn Photographer, I tend to ask all couples to get in contact with me as soon as they can! This allows plenty of time for us to plan, as each pregnancy is unique. We will work together to schedule your session around your due date and determine the best time to photograph your newborn. From here, it’s all in the baby’s hands. Their timing into this world will be decided by them! Many different situations will have parents stay in the hospital longer than the expected couple of days. And I want to ensure you that this is ok! Just communicate with me so we can plan the best way to capture your precious newborn :). If you’re pregnant and want to discuss pricing and style please head over to my contact page and send me a quick hello! I want to know how your pregnancy has been and when your bundle of joy is due to come!